Academic Exchange

Since its establishment, the Committee has been dedicated to spread the theory of Nao Xin Tong Zhi, guide clinical practice and promote the conversion of theory into achievements by various academic exchange activities and continuing education & training.

On April 16, 2016, the China's Sixth Academic Exchange of Nao Xin Tong Zhi was unveiled solemnly in Wuzhen. More than 2,500 people attended this meeting, including Academician Chen Xiangmei, Academician Zhang Boli, Academician Chen Kaixian, Academician Ge Junbo, Academician Chen Haozhu and Professor Zhao Buchang, as well as the experts in cardio-cerebrovascular disease from all over the country and foreign countries such as the U.S., Kazakhstan and Indonesia. Focusing on the hot news and pressing problems in the fields of cardio-cerebrovascular disease by Nao Xin Tong Zhi, the meeting fell into three sub-forums, namely, the sub-forum of cardio-cerebrovascular disease and prevention & control of diabetes, the sub-forum of arrythmia and heart failure, and Tao sub-forum of “Internet + hierarchical diagnosis and treatment”. Domestic experts, well-known academicians and experts were invited to deliver wonderful academic reports at the meeting. The meeting had a parallel session in Beijing to achieve the video interaction.

In April 2015, the China's Fifth Academic Exchange for Nao Xin Tong Zhi by Integrative Medicine & The First International Nao Xin Tong Zhi Summit Forum was held in Nanning. More than 1,500 people attended the meeting, including the international experts from the U.S., Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore, etc., as well as the experts, scholars and medical workers in the fields of ectoneural internal medicine, cardiology, endocrinology, traditional Chinese medicine and geriatrics. The influence of academic exchange of Nao Xin Tong Zhi has been enlarged and deepened continuously.

In April 2014, the Qingdao's Fourth Nao Xin Tong Zhi Academic Exchange saw a number of 1,300 experts and scholars at home and abroad. The meeting set up the sub-forums for cardio-cerebrovascular disease, diabetes and arrythmia, etc. for the first time around the hot news and the problems to be solved urgently in the fields of Nao Xin Tong Zhi for cardio-cerebrovascular disease.

In April 2013, the China's Third Academic Exchange of Nao Xin Tong Zhi by Integrative Medicine was held in Shanghai. 820 experts attended the meeting. A number of domestic and foreign experts in cardio-cerebrovascular disease, i.e., Professor Jacoba brobbey from Ghana, delivered the wonderful academic report at the meeting. Academician Han Yaling was elected as the Head of Expert Group of Coronary Disease of Nao Xin Tong Zhi Professional Committee.

In May 2012, the China's Second Academic Exchange of Nao Xin Tong Zhi by Integrative Medicine was held in Haikou. A total of 454 experts from all over the country made exchange of their achievements in theoretical innovation and progress of product research.

In September 2011, the “China's First Academic Exchange of Nao Xin Tong Zhi by Integrative Medicine & Establishment Meeting of Nao Xin Tong Zhi Professional Committee” was held in Xi'an. More than 400 people, including Academician Chen Kaixian, Academician Chen Xiangmei, Academician Zhang Boli and Professor Zhao Buchang, as well as Professor Muhlestein and Professor Anderson from University of Utah, attended and witnessed this epoch-making meeting. Meanwhile, 56,000 excellent medical workers nationwide in synchronization with 288 branches jointly witnessed this grand meeting via the online video.

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