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Actions in Sichuan

From the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008 till present, the activity “Shaping the Chinese Heart” has organized a total of more than 1,000 medical experts from all hospitals of Beijing to go to the Sichuan earthquake-stricken areas and offered volunteer medical consultation, drugs and consulting services for nearly 30,000 people there. Moreover, relevant experts have been organized to give health lectures in terms of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, mental retardation, chronic depression, and so forth.

Ningxia Guyuan, Heart to Heart - True Love is Superb than Sweet Dew

In 2009, organized by the “Shaping the Chinese Heart” plan, 1,100 medical workers from hospitals in Beijing went to all township health clinics and villages of Guyuan in 9 batches, and widely conducted the training for local grassroots medical workers. A number of mutual aid projects were launched. A total of 35,000 people received the medical examination in that activity, and donated drugs valued at RMB5 million. Medical experts visited 65 towns and held 56 lectures. Meanwhile, medical workers offered free treatment to more than 60 critically-ill patients suffering from congenital heart disease.

Heze, Shandong Province - Great love is blooming like the peony

In April 2010, Heze of Shandong Province welcomed Beijing’s medical workers who participated in the cardio-cerebrovascular health care action of “Shaping the Chinese Heart” plan. This is an underdeveloped area and also a high-incidence area of cardiovascular disease. The arrival of experts surely added warmer traces of spring to this city of peony. Experts went deep into the grassroots to deliver medical services and drugs to local people. They also conducted training for local medical staff specific to hospital management, safe drug administration, cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment, and other topics, thus integrating medical resources and establishing the long-acting assistance mechanism.

Action in Inner Mongolia - Jointly hold up the sun on the grassland

Through the Organizing Committee of “Shaping the Chinese Heart” and field survey, the 2010 action of “Shaping the Chinese Heart” prioritized the aid to Ulanqab prefecture and Alxa League. The activity was conducted in 11 batches. A total of over 1,500 well-known experts in medicine and pharmacy from more than 110 hospitals nationwide went to 121 township clinics where they carried out volunteer medical consultation, treatment & assistance, business training and health education propaganda, and other activities for 47,300 patients. The donated cardio-cerebrovascular drugs with a value of RMB5 million were distributed to local patients free of charge. 30 children suffering from congenital heart disease received free treatment. Besides, more than 200 volunteers respectively from the social organizations of the UK, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Beijing, as well as media friends and Buchang (Pharmaceuticals) Group offered the volunteer services for local people, offering compassion and conveying love.

“Shaping the Chinese Heart” in 2011 - Enter Tibet where 56 nationalities unified to jointly shape the Chinese heart

“Concentric, Shaping the Chinese Heart - Action in Tibet” was launched in 13 counties, 20 towns, 8 temples and 5 watchhouses of five regions of Tibet. The volunteers plodded for over 20,000km to offer volunteer medical consultation, and visit nearly 100,000 patients. The donated drugs valued at RMB7.75 million. Meanwhile, the team of expert volunteers donated the remote diagnosis and treatment system valued RMB400,000 for Ngari Prefecture, and paid the remote diagnosis and treatment expenses for the initial stages. The team of experts also conducted 42 target-oriented lectures, i.e., “prevention and cure of diabetes”, “hypertension management and treatment”, “rational drug use”, and so forth, screened 140 children suffering from congenital heart disease and 131 cataract sufferers suitable for surgery. These patients will be delivered to Beijing Fuwai Hospital, Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Beijing Meitan Hospital and other hospitals for free surgical treatment.

Action of “Concentric, Shaping the Chinese Heart” in Qinghai

2012 Large Public Welfare Action of “Concentric, Shaping the Chinese Heart” in Qinghai and Tibet have been smoothly concluded on July 23. More than 300 expert volunteers in the action were from 128 large and medium-sized hospitals in Beijing. According to the partial statistical data, in five days from July 15 to July 20, the volunteers of “Concentric, Shaping the Chinese Heart” plan offered volunteer medical consultation for 25,000 people of Tibetan, Hui, Tu and Han nationalities, and Buddhist monks and nuns respectively in Naqu and Xigaze of Tibet, and Hainan, Huangnan, Yushu and other places in Qinghai. Besides, they visited 57 households, screened for congenital heart diseases of 1451 people. 143 patients were confirmed to be eligible for surgical treatment. They donated drugs and medical equipment valued RMB7.4 million to the above regions, held 27 training lectures in local medical institutions, and offered clothes and articles of nearly RMB100,000 to local orphanages and nursing homes. Erpao General Hospital donated and installed a set of advanced 3G medical image remote consultation system valued RMB500,000 to Hainan Prefecture People’s Hospital. In August, under the organization of the Organizing Committee of “Shaping the Chinese Heart”, a total of 103 congenital heart disease patients from Tibet and Qinghai received volunteer medical consultation, involving the surgery cost of RMB5.07 million.

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